Wearerighter review: begin your dating from the best site

5 benefits of Using Wearerighter

All communication via chat is confidential, private, and secure

Integrated with medical advice related to sexual health

Values integrity and Christian values

Promotes finding your match through an enjoyable and decent experience

Upholds conservative and honest online dating

Wearerighter Members

Members of this dating app are encouraged to uphold Christian values and become familiar with each other properly, eventually dating other members of wearerighter.

This site is unmistakable with its message that shared values can act as a solid foundation in creating long-lasting relationships. Any person searching for a relationship founded on nothing less but conservative morals and ideals can join and download this application.

Members are expected to act with decency and respect towards one another. It is a Republican dating app that expects men to act like gentlemen and assures that women will be treated with respect.

wearerighter Members
Sign Up and Profile Creation

Individuals interested in joining wearerighter can use their email id to register and then create their passwords. After this, personal information will be asked as part of the sign-up process.

There are some questions for which once you provide your answers, they can't be changed. So the app encourages its members to be truthful about their personal information because honesty is the one core value that the site upholds.

Members would also need to share their thoughts about religion and why they believe in being conservatives, not just as an aspect of dating but as an overall concept.

wearerighter Sign-up
How does Wearerighter Work?

For members to use the services of this dating app, they need to download the mobile application.

There is no option to login as a guest, but you need to complete the registration process. Once you have downloaded the wearerighter mobile app, you can start browsing and look for individuals with the same political beliefs as you and those who live and promote living as a conservative.

When you come across any profiles that describe people with the same perspectives as you, you can send them a message. And for women, wait until a gentleman sends you a private message and see where the conversation will take you.

wearerighter Search

As the app is intended for conservatives, wearerighter encourages a traditional dating form where men are more gentlemanly, and ladies wait for the men to take the first step.

If the men want to send you flowers, accept them. Be free with your compliments and let your conversations define the personality and character of the other person.

Wearerighter clears the path to ensure that any odd and high expectations from dating are removed. This dating app eliminates any confusion.

Before any possible meet-ups, you and your future partner have clarity on what you want and who you want, based on your mutual beliefs and decisions.

Wearerighter App Review

As of now, wearerighter only offers a mobile app. Available on both iOS and Android, you can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.

With more than 10,000 downloads, members appreciate the idea of being able to leave messages for other people. It provides a sense of belongingness in the community.

Like any product, addressing any bugs and improving is still an ongoing need for this application. It would be preferable if there is an onboarding or at least a tutorial of the app since you are left exploring it on your own.

wearerighter Mobile
Wearerighter Special Features
Free Services

Free mobile download

Registration and creation of a profile

Search and discover

Message sending

Military personnel and veterans are upgraded to Luxe for free

Paid Services

Unlimited likes

Rewind feature to allow second chances

Additional MAGA likes

Access to a medical doctor specializing in sexual health


This is a premium membership costing a non-refundable $15 that can be paid using a credit card, debit card, or through PayPal. It is an upgraded account that puts you on the VIP list and provides the following features that make online dating more enjoyable.

Plan 1 Righter Luxe
  • Priced at $9.99 per month
  • Includes premium features
  • No limit for likes
Plan 2 Righter Medical
  • Priced at $29.99
  • Sexual intimacy questions can be answered
  • Unlimited access to medical advice
Plan 3 Thank you for your service
  • Free of charge
  • Account upgrade to Righter Luxe
  • Intended for military personnel and veterans
Wearerighter Advantages

Online dating can be more fun and safer with wearerighter as it is value-driven. It is an ideal dating site for conservatives who uphold character and address sexual health concerns from reliable medical professionals.

Wearerighter Disadvantages

Limited to a mobile app for use and only accepts the male and female genders as members. Most answers cannot be changed later, and the app still needs further improvement. Uploading a photo can be challenging too.

Wearerighter Testimonials
Elijah Patton, 24 years old, Dothan, Alabama.

“Simple and easy to use, with an increasing number of members, which is great.”

Jenn Carlson, 30 years old, Murray, Utah.

"Even without meeting Joshua, I feel respected and appreciated as a woman. I like that through wearerighter; he can communicate and share his thoughts and even dreams with me. I can’t wait for the time that he comes for a visit.”

Kathlyn Pattman, 35 years old, Lovell, Wyoming.

“It’s unbelievable that there is a dating app just for a conservative geek and loner like me. I don’t have to explain myself and my beliefs, and I can share them without being judged. I feel accepted by this community, and I look forward to meeting members near me.”

Experts Conclusion

The wearerighter dating app is refreshing because Republicans and conservatives, to be specific, can feel a sense of security and acceptance knowing that they can meet potential partners who share their beliefs and upbringing. Dating here is a little traditional, but it feels nice to be appreciated and valued, with men having to make more effort to get to know women.

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Is Wearerighter Really Free for Women?

For the essential services, yes, it is free for women. It is free for men too. Free services are more than enough when you want to explore the potential of this service.

How Many Messages Can I Send?

You can send unlimited messages to everyone. It is sending likes that have a daily limit.

How Do I Report A User Who I Think Is A Scammer?

For any potential scammers or risks, you can send an email to compliance@wearerighter.com so the brand’s customer care team can investigate and act on your report.

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Refreshing and purposeful, this dating app is ideal for people who uphold the Christian values they grew up with. This app makes it possible for an individual’s character to be incorporated into today's modern dating methods.

Visit wearerighter.com today to experience sincere and meaningful relationships.