Check out Our Snapsexchat Dating Review is a dating site with a very inviting name. It promises to find eligible singles in your area and focuses on fun, flirty chatting, and matching.

We take a look at all of this site’s features and review everything from free features and member base to premium options, chat functions, and more.

5 Benefits of using

Easy signup

Huge variety of members – all ages, body types, and more.

Flirtcasts – sending flirty icebreakers to start chatting

‘Like gallery’ to make matches

Affordable, flexible premium options compared to rival dating sites Members

This dating site has a wide net of members, ranging in all ages and body types. The most common age bracket is 25-40, and nearly all members identify as straight.

There are equal numbers of men and women using the site. However, when reviewing profiles, we found that women filled incomplete profiles more often than men.

A large number of members are online throughout the day, and new members frequently appear too. You can search member profiles very easily and with several filters, including online activity, newly created profiles, body type, ethnicity, age, and more.

Snapsexchat Members
Signup and Profile Creation

It’s incredibly easy to create a profile on Snapsexchat, and everything should take under a minute. All you need is a verifiable email address.

You can fill in your profile at a later stage, but it’s recommended you spend some time on this, along with a profile picture, to rank higher in searches and maximize your dating potential.

Your profile has several slots to fill information in, including what you are looking for, your body type, education, and more.

Snapsexchat Sign-up
How does this dating site work?

Snapsexchat uses your location data to show you who is close and nearby, initially.

These members are shown in a grid, with the closet at the top. It’s a good idea to use the search filters to refine the grid to your liking.

You can send a message by clicking the ‘Chat’ button on a profile. Or visit the ‘Like Gallery’, where you can swipe right on profile pictures in the hopes of making a match.

Lastly, you can send flirtcasts, which are flirty icebreaker-styled messages that send to several members at the same time

Snapsexchat Search
Matchmaking & Making Contact

There is no formal matchmaking on Snapsexchat. People make contact based on either proximity (closeness to you) or your profile picture or information.

For that reason, it’s a good idea to put effort into your profile, including listing hobbies and interests, to maximize matchmaking opportunities.

If a member has not filled in some or all of their profile, you can click the ‘Ask to add’ button, which may make for a great conversation starter to learn more about them before dating.

Matches can be made in the ‘Like Gallery’, but these are more based on appearance than anything else.

App Review

There is no dedicated app for this dating site. The site is optimized for mobile devices, however.

Free Vs. Paid Features
Free Features:

Create a profile and update your status message

Upload photos to your picture gallery

Send 5 messages per day to members

Send ‘flirtcasts’ to several members at once

Match with profiles in the ‘Like Gallery’

Get notified when someone views your profile

Free Features:

Heightened privacy features and incognito mode

HTTPS encryption and auto-history cleaning

Unlimited chats

View member’s full profiles, including big pictures and videos

View ‘Looking for’ information on a profile

Extended search results

Share photos and videos in private messages


There are 4 different options to choose from:

Plan 1 - ‘Premium Dater’ at $0.95 per day
  • Full HTTPS encryption
  • Browse incognito
  • Auto History Cleaning
  • Top in Messenger
  • Higher in search
  • Get read receipt
  • Get seen by x5 more people
Plan 2 – ‘Extra Security’ at $0.45 per day
  • Full HTTPS encryption
  • Browse incognito
  • Auto History Cleaning
Plan 3 – ‘Chataholic’ at $0.64 per day
  • Top in Messenger
  • Higher in search
  • Get read receipt
  • Get seen by x5 more people

Your payment will be shown on your card statement as Advantages

50/50 male and female member base

Signup is straightforward

Simple design and easy to use

Instant messaging in real-time

Affordable premium membership with flexible options Disadvantages

No app

No identity verification – there can be bot accounts Testimonials
Chloe Matthews, 29

“I was first interested in Snapsexchat because of its name. It covers all the bases! Members are all looking for different things, so making a connection is easy.”

David Anderson, 33

“Snapsexchat is one of the best dating sites for nerds like me. It’s taken me out of my shell, and I’ve realized there are so many singles in my town.”

Judy Shields, 45

“I love how active Snapsexchat is - there’s always someone online to chat to or match with. I also love how easy it is to use.”

Expert Conclusion is a fun, flirty dating site that is active throughout the day. It’s simply designed with chat features at its core. There is a nice balance of men and women of various ages all online, messaging on the site.

The site’s free plan is quite generous, and you can do a lot without having to commit to a premium plan. We’d only advise upgrading if you want heightened privacy protection and discretion.

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Is Snapsexchat free for women?

No – women will have to upgrade their account at the same price as men have to.

How many messages can I send?

You can send 5 daily messages on a free account, and you do not need to wait to read replies.

Is my information private?

We’ve reviewed the site’s privacy policy, and there are some things to note. Information you upload to Snapsexchat may be used for a variety of things, including for marketing and advertising purposes.

This information includes your bio, profile pictures, and messages you send. Snapsexchat is also part of a network of dating sites; they may clone your profile across other sites to maximize your matchmaking potential.

How safe is this dating site?

There are several ways of protecting yourself on an online dating site. Snapsexchat has both a block and report button, which they advise you use if talking to a suspicious or fraudulent account.

As there is no identity verification beyond an email address, always remain cautious when talking to and sharing personal information with members. Share photos, videos, and details on a case-by-case basis.