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5 Benefits of Using Meet-An-Inmate

It allows incarcerated people to socialize

The letters can remove the monotony that comes with life inside bars

The customer care team of Meet-An-Inmate are responsive and supportive

It makes the possibility of second chances outside prison more realistic

It is one of the most established and well-structured prison dating sites

Meet-an-inmate Members

Meet-An-Inmate is for all men and women who are currently incarcerated. The inmates can sign up to be part of this service for a small price, so anyone who wants to send them letters can do so.

It is important to remember, however, that these members are convicted felons. It is better to exercise caution when becoming pen pals. As for dating, Meet-An-Inmate does not allow sex offenders to become members.

Most of the site members are either on their way to become part of the normal society again or are currently serving time. Thus, most of these members are looking for friendships and not romantic relationships.

meet-an-inmate Members
Sign Up and Profile Creation

Inmates who want to be enlisted on the site need to fill out an application form.

They have to provide personal information such as their name, gender, location, birthdate, and education. Other details like their occupation prior to being incarcerated, their earliest release date, and the maximum release date are also necessary. They also have an option to decide whether they would like to receive letters from both genders. This option is in no way associated with the inmate’s sexual preference.

Part of the profile creation is for the member to share activities that keep him/her busy inside and so that they can show their character and personality.

Interested pen pals don't need to do anything on their end. No registration is required.

meet-an-inmate Sign-up
How does Meet-An-Inmate Work?

Although this service is based online, unlike your typical chat platforms, Meet-An-Inmate is entirely old-school as messages are exchanged via snail mail.

You can select whom you would like to contact by browsing through all the enlisted inmates. Then, yes, you have to take a pen and paper and start writing a letter.

Meet-An-Inmate's official mail courier is the United States Postal Service (USPS) that handles all the correspondence. You can send your mail directly to the address indicated on their profiles.

You can be pen pals to several inmates at a time if you want, as long as you are at least 18 years old.

meet-an-inmate Search

To emphasize, Meet-An-Inmate’s main objective is not for people to chat and develop romantic relationships.

Instead, it helps foster friendships between the inmates and people outside the prison facility. If the exchange of letters blossoms into companionship and a more serious relationship, it will be entirely up to the two people involved.

The filtering options on this platform are limited. But you can narrow down your search based on gender and age brackets.

Depending on the inmate’s membership plan, pen pals can also view which inmates have just joined and those who have not yet been contacted by any pen pal.

Meet-an-inmate App Review

Since the inmates don’t have access to smartphones, computers, and the internet, there is no reason to create a downloadable application for Meet-An-Inmate. Unlike most dating apps, this service offers no mobile app.

However, pen pals can use the website on their computers as well as on their mobiles. The mobile version, which is not an app, can help you navigate the site on your phone or tablet.

Meet-an-inmate Special Features
Free Services
People outside the prison facility can enjoy the following complimentary services:

Look up an inmate

Filter your search based on age and gender

Verify the inmate’s information

Send unlimited letters to inmates

Inmates, unfortunately, do not have any free options.
Paid Services
The inmates would need to pay the required fees for the following:

Be enlisted in the meet-an-inmate website

Create an account/profile

Upload photos

Be featured through ads

Get mails from penpals


This is a premium membership costing a non-refundable $15 that can be paid using a credit card, debit card, or through PayPal. It is an upgraded account that puts you on the VIP list and provides the following features that make online dating more enjoyable.

Plan 1 Standard Ad (1)

Premium membership lets the inmates have the following advantages:

  • Enlisted on the website
  • Use of email service
  • The cost is $35
  • The fee is good for 12 months
Plan 2 Standard Ad (2)
  • Enlisted on the website
  • Use of email service
  • The price is $50
  • The cost is good for 24 months
Plan 3 Featured Ad (1)
  • Be featured and come up as a priority in search results for pen pals
  • Use of email service
  • The cost is $70
  • The fee is good for 12 months
Plan 4 Featured Ad (2)
  • Be featured and come up as a priority in search results for pen pals
  • Use of email service
  • The cost is $90
  • The fee is good for 24 months
Meet-An-Inmate Advantages

Promotes a social mission

Mails become a positive motivation for the inmates

Reasonable fees for the inmates and everything for free for the pen pals

Specific to a group of imprisoned people

Meet-An-Inmate Disadvantages

The USPS guidelines bound delivery of letters

It can be a psychologically challenging communication

Risks and danger are involved when exchanging messages

Meet-An-Inmate Testimonials
Ali Sutton, 42 years old, Salem, New Hampshire.

“Mail call day is my favorite day of the week. It is something that I look forward to knowing that I get to read words of hope and uplifting advice from my pen pal.”

Dustin Suttons, 52 years old, Charlotte, North Carolina.

“I still have a long stretch before I go out, and Meet-An-Inmate made every day more tolerable. I can’t wait to be back there and have coffee with this amazing friend I met through your service.”

Jayson Ng, 20 years old, Lexington, Kentucky.

“I didn’t believe that people will still care for prisoners like me. But my pen pal’s words of encouragement make me want to be a better person. I made bad choices as I was a nerd and geek that everyone loved to pick on. But I am getting better now. It’s just a shame that I needed to learn to be happy with myself inside this facility.”

Experts Conclusion

The site is pretty basic, but everything you need is upfront. It is straightforward and is keen on promoting socialization and normalcy for the inmates. The service it provides can make a massive difference in inmates as it shows them that the outside world can be friendlier and more accepting of them and their circumstances.

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Is Meet-An-Inmate Really Free for Women?

For interested female penpals, everything is for free. But female inmates would need to pay the premium membership to enjoy Meet-An-Inmates’ services.

How Many Messages Can I Send?

Messages on this site are equivalent to letters and penpals, and inmates can exchange unlimited letters.

How Do I Report A User Who I Think Is A Scammer?

If you believe an inmate might be giving you false information, you can look up this specific person through the “Verify Inmate Information” section on the homepage. Else you can also send your concern to

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Meet-an-inmate is a glimmer of hope for inmates. It is an easy way to remain connected to the outside world. During incarceration, friendships and messages that can uplift the heart are much needed for the inmates to stay positive about their long wait for freedom.

As a pen pal, giving advice of hope and even a lifeline of purpose can be rewarding. This can all be made possible by the services of meet-an-inmate.

Visit Meet-An-Inmate today.