We at realized it was hard to choose the right dating site so we created a no comprehensive, honest comparison website for online daters.

Best Nerd Dating Sites

Being a nerd doesn't make you excluded from the online matchmaking world. Geeks are very much in right now; all you need is the right website.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Nerd Dating Site?

Dating sites are the leading platform on which we meet other human beings for social and romantic encounters. The advantages of using these types of sites are that there is unlimited potential for dates and love. With thousands of members on a single website, there are hundreds of possibilities of finding everything you're searching for in a partner.

However, certain sites are designed to attract a particular niche, for example, geek dating sites. The advantage of using a site specifically for nerds is that all the members will have similar interests. Therefore, it is a lot easier to find a partner you genuinely connect with romantically.

Flirt logo is a well-known site with over 1-million users worldwide. You will find most members are between 20-35 years old. The site has no app currently available. Here are some special features you can enjoy:

Sending winks

Replying to messages

Share photos & videos in chats

BeNaughty logo is the site for those who want to get straight to the fun. The member base is predominantly female and aimed at anyone over 18. The app is currently only available on Android. Special features include:


Unlimited messaging for female profiles

Add users to favorites list

Gamer Dating logo
Gamer Dating

Gamer Dating aims to help you find the Perfect Player 2, and with over 5,000 members on their site, we believe it is possible. Most users of this site are among 18-35. It currently doesn't have an app but does have these special features:

A free game every month

Unlimited chats

Soul Geek logo
Soul Geek

SoulGeek is a site that allows you to embrace your geek side and find other single gamers who embrace it too. SoulGeek is full of young gamers on a quest to find their geeky soulmate. There is no app available. Special features include:

View profiles

Unlimited messaging

KIPPO logo

Kippo is an up-and-coming dating site for games, increasing in popularity by collaborating with female gamers, such as Twitch star Plushys. All members are young gamers. The app is available for IOS and Android. The site has some distinct special features:

30 daily swipes

One message to an unmatched profile

Add three cards to your profile

Using Nerd Dating Sites - Some Tips from the Pros

The world of online dating is scary for everyone, not just for geeks, introverts, and nerds. Anyone can use this advice, but we nerds need to find our geeky soulmate, so pay close attention. Each person is different and will experience their adventures during their nerd quest for a date. Remember to embrace your personal search fully. Before you register on any nerd-specific site, ask yourself if you're ready and what you want from an online site for gamers. Once you've answered those questions, follow these simple guidelines to make the most out of your online date-seeking experience:

  • Find the best gamer dating sites for YOU
  • Use matchmaking features
  • Create the best profile you can
  • Use photos to show your gamer favorites
  • Work on your first message
  • Be patient
  • The first date can make or break: be prepared
  • Stay positive; rejection is part of finding the one

Register on a Reliable Nerd Dating Site

All the nerd dating sites reviewed by us follow strict security measures to prevent fakes, bots, and scammers from registering on their sites while also ensuring that members act with respect towards each other. Choosing a website for geeks that is reliable is the best and easiest way to find love.

Have Realistic Expectations

There are stories of people finding true love within seconds of being on a nerd dating site. But these are rare. Make sure you understand the reality of online matchmaking: it takes time and patience. Your princess may be in the castle dressed as a relationship site for geeks, but she may not.

How Are Safe Dating Sites for Nerds?

Dating sites for nerds have risks. There is always a risk of being catfished or scammed, no matter what website you use. However, some websites are safer than others. For example, some websites will have a verification process. Being verified is a way to show other users you are honest and genuine. There are many ways a website may want to verify your identity, from photos of your proof of ID to selfies doing a specific pose. Other members of the website will never see this information. Most only add a symbol or marker to your profile picture, which shows that you're a verified user.

Use websites that offer any form of verification process. If you want to be sure you're talking to a real person, only chat to verified users, this is our suggestion on how to stay safe when exploring potential sites for geeks.

Get to Know How Nerd Dating Sites Work

Nerd dating sites work the same as non-niche sites. The website uses an algorithm, based on your answers to a questionnaire or profile, to find the best matches possible. You can then chat with your matches or search for local singles using the search feature for more potential dates.

What You Should Expect from a Nerd Dating Site

It is important to have expectations when using a dating site for nerds because you risk not finding anyone without them. However, it is also critical to not set the bar too high, or your quest could be an endless one. We recommend keeping an open mind and enjoying yourself on a nerd love-finding site.

The Cheat Code for Successful Online Nerd Dating

Our cheat code on how to find the nerd dating site you're looking for is simple.

There is a wide range of nerd and geek sites to help you find love. It is great to have so many options available to us. The majority of nerd dating websites offer free memberships, while they have limited features, you can explore and experience the site.

Our advice is to try as many free accounts as you want, try different sites, and see what they have to offer. Soon you will find the one for you, and then you can try a paid membership to their site. By doing this, you already know your way around the site, what potential matches you might encounter, and the cool features they have to offer.

Another viable option is trying your luck with the most popular apps. As they have large user bases, there are more chances of making a match.

Three Tips to Find the Ideal Nerd Dating Site for You

The best and easiest way to find a nerd dating site that is good for you is to follow our three key pieces of advice:

  • Read reviews - Reading reviews like this one here helps you narrow down your choices.
  • Try different sites - Because so many of the nerd dating sites offer free or trial memberships, you can get a taste of the website before you commit to a paid membership.
  • Have fun - The whole point of chatting online is to have fun while meeting someone special. If you're not enjoying your experience, then something is wrong.

Final Thoughts on Dating Sites for Nerds

No matter what your personality is, there is a dating site for you. Geeks and nerds now have various websites to choose from, and they all offer unique features you can enjoy. While having many possibilities makes it harder to choose just one, our reviews help you find the best site for you. It is important you stay safe while on an online quest, but it is even more important to have fun.

If your princess isn't in the first castle, go and search for her in the next one.

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