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Best Dating Sites for Introverts

Finding a partner as an introvert can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. We have reviewed the best dating sites for introverts, making it simple for you to find love.

Why Should You Consider an Introvert Dating Site?

Online dating is fast becoming the single best way to find love and relationships on any level. There are more and more single people joining online dating sites daily than ever before. That is the number one reason why you should consider signing up: there are far more potential matches than anywhere else.

Furthermore, registering an account on a dating site made for introverts offers you the chance to meet more like-minded people than on other websites. Using a specific website that caters to your interests means more singles with similar interests to you are online.

IWantU logo

Considered a “personals” dating site, you will find people over 18 from around the world. There is no app available. Special features include:

Live chat

Report scams and fake profiles

Profiles remain private

AskMe4Date logo

AskMe4Date is a website for introverts with a strong focus on local dating. Expect single men and women over 18. There is an app for Android and IOS. Special features are:

3-day trial

Browse in Incognito mode

Get message read alerts

Flirt logo has over 1-million users worldwide, mostly between 20-35 years old. The site has no app currently available. Special features include:

Sending winks

Replying to messages

Add users to your favorite list

Anomo logo

An introvert created Anomo, and users are from all over the world use the site. There is an app available for Android, but it has many issues. Features include:

Facebook verification

Using avatars instead of photos

Coffee Meets Bagel logo
Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel site for introverts sends you one potential match a day. The users are under 35. There is an app for Android and IOS. Special features include:

Activity report on matches

Seeing mutual friends for matches

Using Sites for Introverts - Some Tips from the Pros

  • Be honest - The saying honesty is the best policy exists for a reason. Be honest and treat others with respect.
  • Be specific about your interests and passions - The more you share, the better suited your matches will be. Furthermore, you attract people with the same interests.
  • Try introvert-specific and compatibility-based dating sites - These types of websites will have the best matches for you.
  • Don’t be afraid to push the limits of your comfort zone.
  • Be ready to make the first move.
  • Be willing to meet potential matches halfway.
  • Try to find people with mutually compatible communication styles - Overcome communication barriers by finding matches with consistent communication styles.
  • Be patient - Online dating takes time, so be prepared to invest some time.
  • Expect rejection - Everyone gets rejected, so be prepared for it.
  • Have fun - Dating is not only about finding love but also about having a good time.

Use Trusted Introvert Dating Sites

Use only websites that are trusted and are reliable. A dating site with a profile verification process is a far better choice than a site that doesn’t have such a process in place. Using trusted introvert date sites will also reduce the number of fake profiles and scammers you will encounter.

Have Reasonable Expectations

Finding love with the first match you talk to is an infrequent occurrence. It is far more likely that you will chat with several matches before finding someone with whom you want a relationship. So, you should expect rejection and spending time searching for your ideal partner.

Are Dating Sites for Introverts Secure?

Finding a secure website for introverts is easy with our help. All sites will contain fake profiles and scammers; they are unavoidable in the world of online matchmaking. However, websites with profile verification processes aim to reduce the number of fakes and scammers, making them safe for other users.

Each site is different, and therefore, will have its security measures in place. However, many of the most popular companies allow you to block and report any profile you consider suspicious or has mistreated you. Some will even detect foul language and ensure that the user cursing is not a threat. The website may delete your account or ban you from the site, either forever or for some time. How each company deals with offensive language, bullying and other misuses might be different. Still, all websites have procedures in place to make sure you can have fun in a safe environment.

The Workings on an Introvert Online Dating Site

All dating sites work similarly. They use algorithms to match you with other people based on your answers in a questionnaire you will complete during the signing up process. You may then choose to chat with your potential matches or not based on the information on their profiles.

What You Can Expect from Introvert Dating Sites

You can expect to find like-minded people who are also introverts looking for friendship or a relationship; some may be looking for something casual too. You should be ready for exciting and fun conversations and rejection, as it is a part of dating. Most important, you should expect to enjoy yourself.

Tips for Mastering Online Introvert Dating

Here are our ten tips that will help you master the complications of online dating for introverts:

  • Mention or drop hints about how introverted you are in your profile.
  • Find a reasonable schedule. You need to be online to find dates, but you also don’t want to be online every second of every day. Find your balance.
  • Meet up sooner rather than later.
  • Choose a familiar venue for your date.
  • Pre-load on alone time before a scheduled date if you need to.
  • Choose an interactive activity for your date.
  • Accept that you will need to engage with small talk to some extent.
  • Be cautious around people who don’t respect your need to be alone.
  • Give people a chance. With point 8 in mind, give people a chance to know you, and they will soon respect your needs.
  • Stay relaxed, and don’t overthink it.

Advice for Choosing the Best Introvert Dating Site

The first advice is always to follow our advice regarding choosing the best dating site for you. And that ties in with the next piece of advice: to read reviews and comments about any website you are considering registering on, as reading what other users have to say about the service a website provides will give you valuable information.

Furthermore, many websites offer free memberships, so try as many as you want. The more options you try, the better chances you will have of finding a relationship, or at the very least, a website for introverts that you enjoy using.

What You’ve Learnt about Dating Sites for Introverts

You can take away from this article that there are options for introverts looking for friendship and love. So many online dating sites now make it easy for shy people to find love, friends, casual fun, and so much more.

You can expect to meet all kinds of people during your online experience, and so long as you are using reliable and trusted websites, you will be safe meeting strangers online. The one thing you need to always have in mind is that online matchmaking should be fun. If you’re not enjoying yourself, then either you are on the wrong website for you, or you need a new approach to dating.

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