We at realized it was hard to choose the right dating site so we created a no comprehensive, honest comparison website for online daters.

Best Dating Sites for Asexuals

Finding a relationship online is already tricky; your sexuality doesn’t have to make it harder. We are here to help you find your ideal match. Read more and find out how.

Reasons for Using an Asexual Dating Site

The world of dating and matchmaking has taken a considerable shift towards being online in the last decade. Nowadays, it is rare to hear stories about couples who didn’t meet online. Therefore, one of the main reasons you should use any dating site is today’s usual way of finding friends, dates, and relationships.

Furthermore, by using a website dedicated to helping asexuals find love, you are joining a member base of people with compatible sexual preferences, interests, and desires. Joining such a website makes it easier for you to find the ideal person you’re looking to meet.

Flirt logo

One of the best sites for asexuals has over 1-million users worldwide, mostly between 20-35 years old. The site has no app currently available. Special features include:

Sending winks

Replying to messages

Add users to your favorite list

Cupid logo is a popular dating site for singles of all ages and sexualities. There is an app available for both Android and IOS. Some of the special features include:

Full safe mode

See who viewed your profile

Online chatroom

OurTime logo

OurTime is a website for singles over 50. You may download the app for both Android and IOS. Special features include:

Events organized by the website

Boost your profile

Incognito mode

Asexualitic logo

Asexualitic is a website made just for Aces; however, the number of active members is limited. There is no app available yet. Special features include:

Post a lifetime profile

View site activity

Add media to your profile

AsexualCupid logo

AsexualCupid is considered the first of its kind for asexuals. There is an app available both on Android and IOS. You can enjoy special features, such as:

Get highlighted as a featured member

Live chat

Profiles are private

Tips from the Pros on Dating Sites for Asexuals

    The pros have three easy-to-remember pieces of advice: State the facts, be honest about attraction, and plenty of activities.

  • State the Facts
  • When you meet someone online, be honest and open to them about asexuality. Tell them what being asexually means and what it means to you. That it is not a disorder and that it isn’t always permanent.

  • Be Honest about Attraction
  • If you like someone online, tell that person the truth. But make it clear that your interest in them goes beyond mere sexual attractions. Tell that person what it is about their personality that you like so much, so they know the attraction is genuine.

  • Plenty of Activities
  • Schedule your activities as much as possible. Find mutual interests and plan to do whatever that may be. Also, be open to new experiences and adventures with a potential partner.

Use a Reliable Website

Using a reliable website is essential, as any trustworthy site will have measures to prevent bullying, mistreatment, scams, and fake profiles and provide you with better matches. Many dating sites will use verification processes to ensure only genuine people sign up for their services.

Keep Your Expectations Reasonable

We all desire to find love. But the reality is that finding love takes time and effort, plus you will encounter rejection. So long as you always have that in mind, your online dating experience will be more enjoyable. Remember, the biggest expectation you should have is to enjoy yourself.

Safety Concerns Regarding Asexual Dating Sites

Most people would have concerns regarding new online dating sites, regardless of their sexuality. There is a risk of the whole site being a scam or be full of fake profiles and other members trying to scam you. To avoid falling into these pitfalls and minimizing the risk of anything bad happening, we recommend:

  • Reading reviews on any asexual dating website, you are interested in using
  • Use only websites that offer verification processes
  • Use websites that come highly recommended by other users

The more popular a website is, the more people use it, and therefore, there are more chances of finding genuine connections. You may also find bots on such sites, but they are easy to spot and avoid with a bit of common sense. If you are ever unsure about a profile, don’t hesitate to report it or contact your chosen service provider’s customer service team.

Dating Sites for Asexual - How Do They Work?

They work using a matchmaking algorithm that matches you with other members based on the information you provide in your profile or a questionnaire you will complete upon registration. That is why the more information you provide, the better your matches will be. The rest is up to you and how you interact with other members.

What to Expect from an Asexual Dating Site

Expect to meet fellow Aces, make new friends, and potentially love. However, you must also be ready to invest time into looking for what you want. Also, expect to encounter a rejection of any kind. Dating sites can be wonderful and almost magical, but like everything in life, there are also negatives.

Key to Success with Online Asexual Dating

  • Be sincere - Be honest from the very beginning and explain your sexuality. The right person will understand and share your views.
  • Share your interests and passions in detail - The more you share, the better suited your matches will be. Furthermore, you attract people with the same interests.
  • Try asexual specific and compatibility-based dating sites - Asexual specific websites are gaining traction as more and more singles join.
  • Be brave and willing to step out of your comfort zone
  • Don’t expect potential matches to do all the work
  • Try to find people with communication styles that match your own - You can break down communication barriers by chatting with people who use consistent communication styles similar to your own.
  • Be patient - Be prepared to invest time in online dating.
  • Expect rejection - Rejection is a part of dating for everyone.
  • Have fun - The best way to find love and a relationship is by finding someone you can have fun with.

Tips for Choosing the Best Asexual Dating Site

Choosing the best dating site for asexuals can be both easy and complicated. It’s easy because there is currently a limited amount of sites dedicated just to asexuals. However, it is difficult because many “traditional” dating sites now offer different sexual options.The best advice for choosing the best dating site for asexuals is to read reviews like ours or comments by other users, as these will give you an idea of what a website is like to use. Furthermore, as many sites are free to sign up to, we advise you to try as many as you like to find the right one for you.

Conclusions about Asexual Dating Sites

Up-and-coming dating sites made solely for aces exist; however, they have limited active members. Meanwhile, more popular and active websites asexual offer new members the chance to select from a broader scope of sexual preferences, opening the doors to aces and other sexualities to mainstream online dating.

There are many options to choose from, but you should narrow down your choices with our advice. Once you’ve narrowed down your preferences, you can invest a bit of time in all the websites, as many offer free o trial memberships.

Go out there and have fun looking for love!

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