10 Rules You Should Probably Try

Are you're considering hitting the dating scene? You have to learn how to do it right. Following the rules below will help you succeed in your journey.

10 Rules You Should Probably Try
  1. Be upfront about what you want. Be honest and let your partner know what you're looking for in a relationship. Whether you're seeking a casual or serious relationship, they need to know right from the beginning.
  2. Try dating many people. When you are trying to look for a compatible partner, you should go out with numerous people. Doing this will increase your chances of finding the right person.
  3. Keep the dates short and sweet. Your dates should not last more than one hour. That's enough time to learn about each other and decide whether you should start a relationship.
  4. Text your date to tell them that you had a nice time. Dating experts suggest that you should text someone within 24 hours after the first date. Essentially, this will show them that you're interested in starting a relationship with them.
  5. Show up on time when going on dates. This is one of the important dating tips that you should take seriously. Showing up on time on dates will tell the other person that you are interested in meeting them.
  6. Follow your instincts. Always follow your guts when dating online. If you have talked with someone on the internet and don't like them, do not meet them offline.
  7. Date outside your type box. There is always another type out there who will suit your dating needs. You might even learn that what you think you want in a relationship is not what you need.
  8. Eat whatever you want when you go out on a date. When you meet people on dates, do not try to please them by eating food that you don't like. Stay true to yourself and tell them your favorite food. Make sure you eat until you are satisfied.
  9. Put your cell phone away. Your focus should be on knowing the other person. So it's always a good idea to avoid pulling out your phone when you're with someone on a date. If you do not like them, you're free to excuse yourself and leave.
  10. Be an active listener. This shows the other person that you're interested in what they are saying and would like to know more about them. Ask questions and repeat what the other person is saying, and do not interrupt them when they are talking.

5 Dating Rules That Women Should Not Follow

Some dating rules are outdated, and you should not follow them. They tend to make things more difficult than necessary. With that said, below are five courtship rules that should not follow:

  1. Playing Hard to Get
  2. Playing hard to get is a terrible idea when dating. The rule does not work in today's world, as men might feel like you're manipulative and lose their interest in you.

    As such, if you feel like calling or texting your date after meeting them, then do so. Suppressing every urge to show your feeling will hinder you from learning the other person's capacity for emotional intimacy.

  3. Avoiding Serious Questions
  4. You should ask them any question that you believe is important to you. In turn, this will help you decide whether they are your dream date or not.

  5. Dressing Up for a Date
  6. When meeting someone on a date, wear something that you are used to. You are making yourself unnecessarily nervous when you dress up on your first date.

  7. Don't Split the Bill
  8. Splitting the bill shows that you are generous and independent. Studies show that women don't mind paying the bill when they meet someone on the first date.

  9. Do Not Kiss on Your First Date
  10. If you like each other, there's no problem with kissing. This is a good way to show someone that you're interested in them. However, if you're not ready to take this step, you can always wait until the day you feel comfortable.

  11. Don't Make the First Move
  12. Making the first move doesn't mean you're throwing yourself at someone you fancy. It means that you're deciding who you want to start a relationship with.

    Knowing what to do when you want to meet someone new in your life is vital. These dating tips will help you venture and add someone right for you to your life.